CINDE announces: Refinitiv inaugurates financial analysis center in Costa Rica and expects to hire more personnel

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Refinitiv, a multinational company and leading provider of financial data and infrastructure that provides tailor-made information and analysis for investment decision-making, opened its offices in Costa Rica. The company currently has 70 employees in the country, and expects to add another 50 positions in the medium term.

The company has two departments in Costa Rica: Operations and Finance, as well as Accounting. Refinitiv is currently hiring personnel for the Operations area, which handles collecting, validating and adding value to financial information. Its Costa Rican presence includes teams that provide services such as price evaluations, order management, claims recovery and payroll, among others.

The Vice Minister of Foreign Trade, Duayner Salas, said: “The opening of Refinitiv is an example of how Costa Rica has become a strategic location for companies’ operations, especially those in the services sector. Between 2000 and 2018, there has been growth of more than 64,000 jobs in Costa Rica due to the attraction of 172 investment projects by multinational companies. We would like to thank Refinitiv for trusting in Costa Rica, and we hope the company will continue growing in our country.”

Bolívar Rojas, General Manager of Refinitiv in Costa Rica, said that specialized Costa Rican talent and the company’s investment in training in financial matters, has allowed the operation to grow to nearly 70 employees, with the expectation of growing even more in the coming months.

“At Refinitiv Costa Rica, we use our data and methodologies, which are similar to those that are used in the principal financial centers all over the world, to provide solutions to institutional investors. This speaks very well of the abilities and talent of our employees, and how the country has positioned itself to attract high value-added investments,” Rojas explained.

Another aspect that influenced the choice of Costa Rica to be the company’s operating center was its political, social and economic stability, as well as the time difference, which allows it to handle company transactions in the United States and Latin America.

CINDE’s Managing Director, Jorge Sequeira Picado, said: “Refinitiv is part of the ecosystem of Costa Rican knowledge services, which in 2018 generated more than 3,100 jobs. We are proud that Refinitiv trusts in the country to consolidate its business strategy, recognizing the quality of our human talent in processes that are increasingly necessary in the knowledge economy, such as data analytics and leveraging that data to look for better solutions for clients.”

According to Rojas, Refinitiv will be looking for professionals in finance, economics and business administration, who have analytical ability, critical thinking, and who are interested in the capital markets.

SOURCE Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency

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