Blockchain Platform FLETA Officially Launched Its Mainnet

With its five core technologies, FLETA achieved 14,000 TPS and block time of 0.5 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest chains in the world. The numbers are based on test results conducted in October 2019; FLETA formed servers in 6 different cities globally, including Paris and London. Researchers generated actual transactions and checked the speed of the chain. The test was not an ordinary test in the lab; it was rather close to the real environment condition of the chain processing transaction; therefore, actual speed when users use the chain could be measured. The details of the test is on the report, you can download on the official site of FLETA.

Also, FLETA has unlimited scalability and low transaction fee make it a platform with high usability. It will invite DApps so that it can be a platform that is actively used in everyday life. Currently, it is putting some DApss on the chain, including Heart Number, AI trading platform, and use cases FLETA is developing.

FLETA’s representative use cases include a blockchain-based eCRF system, a clinical trial data management system, and blockchain games. The former is to prevent information manipulation of clinical trial data in advance and to enhance credibility of data by putting data on the chain. Through it, data’s effective management is possible. Moreover, many blockchain games of FLETA is gaining a lot of attention. Similarly, FLETA CITY SIMULATION, a blockchain game developed by FLETA was played by about thousand of users when it was released with beta testnet last March. Through these various DApps, FLETA tries to lead the popularization of blockchain technology.

Especially, FLETA has a distinctive feature called Gateway System. Platforms based on Ethereum use ERC-20 tokens, but when their mainnets are launched, the tokens are generally expired after swapped to mainnet coins. However, FLETA’s Gateway System allows swapping of tokens to coins and coins to tokens, and unconstraint swapping of ERC-20 tokens and mainnet coins is permitted. Likewise, FLETA has great interoperability since DApp projects can use their original ERC-20 tokens while using FLETA chain. With such flexibility and developer-friendly environment, FLETA attract many developers, and it is expected that diverse Dapps will actively use FLETA chain later on.

Henry Hong, CEO of FLETA said, “FLETA is a new blockchain mainnet with unlimited scalability, low transaction fee, and fast speed.” He also showed his confidence toward the popularization of the blockchain technology by adding, “FLETA can be actively utilized in adopting blockchain technology in our everyday lives since it is both user- and developer-friendly.”


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