30+ Years’ Experience Working Virtually Inspires Free Guide for Government Agencies

CHEYENNE, Wyo., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost every aspect of our lives over the past week, including the way we work. First social distancing requirements, and now stay-home orders in many states are necessitating a sudden shift to a work-from-home model which requires rapid changes to the way government organizations operate.

Public Knowledge exists to help government agencies solve tough problems and thrive in complex situations. Many government agencies are going through a huge change right now, shifting most or all of their workforce to a remote model. It’s likely that those who have not yet made that change will do so soon.

“We hear and feel the stress put on our government agency clients right now. This has hit them at work and at home, and all of our consultants wanted to find a way to support our clients through this change. We are hoping it helps in a small way,” said Stacey Obrecht, CEO of Public Knowledge.

Public Knowledge is in a unique position to help. The company itself has worked virtually for over 30 years and exclusively serves government agencies. To help address challenges of work-from-home requirements facing organizations around the globe, Public Knowledge released a free “Remote Teams: Working Virtually” guide. The resource shares what Public Knowledge has learned about working remotely and is tailored to government organizations. The goal is help agencies to “go virtual” quickly, lead effective virtual teams, and maintain performance standards. The guide is available at pubknow.com/news and LinkedIn at company/public-knowledge-llc.

The guide includes tips related to:

  • Equipment
  • Processes & Procedures
  • Behaviors
  • Relationships
  • How We Can Help

About Public Knowledge: Public Knowledge is a national management consulting firm that helps government agencies solve tough problems and thrive in complex situations. We do this by providing managing consulting services to projects, programs, and people in government agencies.

For more information, visit www.pubknow.com.

Contact: Stephanie Meisner, Senior Marketing Specialist, Public Knowledge, +1 (307) 631-9591 or [email protected].

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