Alchera-GSIL to Begin Collaboration for Smart Safety Management System

The MOU provides the basis for the technological convergence of Alchera’s AI video-based smoke and fire detection solution and GSIL’s IoT smart safety management system. After the two solutions are effectively integrated into a single system, the newly-integrated system will be used at construction sites worldwide as well as for real-time worksite management purposes.

Alchera is known for its AI-based video recognition technologies, the most prominent of which is its Visual Anomaly Detection Technology (VADT), which identifies dangerous and/or unusual situations (forest fires, etc.) through videos. AI is applied to the streaming video data, and real-time monitoring is conducted to check conditions on site. All relevant personnel are then notified if any unusual situation has been confirmed.

GSIL is a company that specializes in construction safety. It develops integrated safety management systems for work sites and offers everything from safety accident prevention to safety inspections and on-site, real-time monitoring services. GSIL’s smart construction safety management system not only pinpoints the real-time locations of workers at construction sites (even in tunnels and closed structures) but is also able to identify dangerous environmental conditions, such as the presence of seismic (and/or other types of) vibrations, abnormal water levels, and noxious gases, etc. The company received prime ministerial recognition for this system at Korea Safety Technology Awards 2019.

GSIL CEO Jungwoo Elisha Lee said, “This collaboration with Alchera, a company known for its world-class AI video analysis technologies, will bring groundbreaking changes to Korea’s construction and safety sectors, which thus far have relied on SI companies. We hope that by working together, we can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expand our businesses not only in Korea but in foreign markets.”

Alchera Co-Founder Young Kyoo Hwang added, “Alchera’s outstanding AI technological expertise and wealth of experiences with commercialization will no doubt create synergy with GSIL’s comprehensive safety management system and business acumen. Through this collaboration, we hope to gain a clear upper hand in terms of the technologies and businesses of the global safety management market.”

Through the MOU, Alchera and GSIL will conduct joint projects in the construction, disaster prevention, and safety management sectors that will target global construction sites and the maintenance/management of completed facilities. The two companies will also jointly develop and supply safety management systems needed by smart cities in the United States, Kuwait, and the UAE.

After the integrated AI analysis-based safety management system is completed by the two companies, Alchera will be suggesting the use of GSIL’s safety management platform system for forest fire/fire detection projects currently underway in Silicon Valley. Similarly, GSIL will be pitching it to at least five large Korean construction companies and public ordering organizations.

Alchera’s fire/smoke detection solution recently completed one year of testing as part of the Korea Electric Power Corporation’s facility management system and is currently being applied on a trial basis to approximately 300 surveillance cameras. It will soon be applied to the forest fire detection system in the state of California, which suffers severe damage from forest fires every year.

GSIL is actively establishing and operating safety systems in cooperation with 50 ordering organizations and construction companies. Currently, its smart safety management designs are being used for multiple purposes, such as for industrial pipe rehabilitation in Ulsan and Pohang (total length: 80 km) and turn-key order placements for public districts, etc. Three of GSIL’s products selected for use by the Samsung Group will be introduced at Safety Innovation Day, which will be held in October. 

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