ASG Superconductors: A New Paramed MROpen MRI System Unit Installed in Georgia

This Advanced Open MRI scanner, engineered and developed by the Paramed MRI Unit of ASG Superconductors, a worldwide leader in superconducting magnet and wire technology, has quickly made a name for itself in the market as the only superconductive scanner that is completely open above, in front and behind the patient.

The system is designed to give patients who suffer from claustrophobia the best MRI experience ever, and also allows scans to be performed in positions of maximum symptoms: standing, sitting, bending or lying down. The MROpen scanner allows patients to be scanned in a wide array of seated or standing positions. And because the magnet is wide open, patients are not confined within the tight space of a conventional MRI, allowing more patients to complete their scans and leading to earlier diagnosis of health problems.

Furthermore, MROpen’s green technology provides cryogen-free operation due to its innovative superconductive wire technology (MgB2). With no need for cryogens, helium refills become a memory of the past and the system is more environmentally friendly than any other superconductive MRI available on the market.

Dan Balentine, President of American Health Imaging (AHI) said “American Health Imaging strives to be a leader in offering the latest and greatest in high-quality outpatient imaging services. We believe that this Advance Open MRI installation allows us to provide a better option for patients that, in the past, may have been too claustrophobic or did not fit in a traditional MRI.”

Marco Belardinelli, CEO of Paramed Medical System USA said “We are proud to have American Health Imaging as a Partner and we are glad that the Atlanta community will now be able to benefit from the unique capabilities of our solution: a revolutionized approach to the diagnosis (using multi-position imaging capabilities) and a friendly and accommodating MRI experience.”

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SOURCE ASG Superconductors; Paramed Medical Systems Inc.

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