Daily Fintech Launches Paid Membership Service to Protect Editorial Independence

BERN, Switzerland, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On 17 September 2019, Daily Fintech launched a paid membership service.

The introduction of this service means that the five-year old online publishing company will no longer provide its daily insights on key fintech topics for free. These insights are original articles written by its team of writers who are all fintech experts and practitioners. The company has maintained its strict policy of being completely ad-free from to preserve its unbiased and independent reporting.

“Since 2014, we have built a global readership of almost 19,000 on the strength of our original, bias-free insights,” said Daily Fintech CEO, Bernard Lunn. “Going forward, we need to build our resource capacity to expand our fintech service offerings to readers. However, we did not want to start monetising our content through advertising so as to not compromise our independence and accountability to our readers. A paid membership service was the right solution in this case. Knowing who pays our bills helps us keep our analysis objective and original.”

The membership service has been kept at a nominal annual price of US$143 (or $2.75 a week) so as to remain accessible to anyone in the global fintech community. Members get access to its thousands of curated daily and archived articles, as well as to its Conversations platform, an industry forum moderated by its authors.

“Many of our articles are evergreen because we go beyond the news of the day to focus on what our experts believe are enduring fintech topics,” explained Mr Lunn. “We also engage in predictive analysis or News Forecasting. An example of this was an article Daily Fintech wrote in 2014 predicting Facebook’s launch of a cryptocurrency?”

Paul Conley, creator of the Conley Index content quality score said, “Content quality demands an unwavering commitment to editorial independence, which is then closely linked to the revenue model. Switching from free to paid access is a bold but important move by this niche B2B publisher”.

About Us

Daily Fintech is a B2B online publishing company that produces insights and analysis about the current and emerging segments of the fintech industry. Our team of writers are industry practitioners who tap into their expertise as entrepreneurs, bankers, senior executives, technologists, investors and consultants. Daily Fintech’s unique value comes from two things a) we are insight-driven, rather than driven by the news cycle and b) we are not reliant on advertising, which enables us to keep our journalism objective, independent and original. In September 2019, Daily Fintech introduced a paywall to help build our capacity to continue prosecuting the issues that matter to our readers and to expand our fintech information services over time.

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