Surety One, Inc. Supports UVA Sky Alland Scholarship Fund

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and postponed dreams. Students pursuing higher education have been acutely affected by the closing of universities and severe restrictions upon their on-campus experiences. The skyrockeing costs of tuition and books, retooling for virtual education and the loss of international student constituencies present challenges that many universities will not be able to overcome. Help is needed!

The Sky Alland Scholarship Fund, under the guidance of the University of Virginia Alumni Association awards a full scholarship to fourth-year students that demonstrate those qualities espoused by entrepreneur Sky Alland during his lifetime; leadership, achievement, enterprising spirit, humility and devotion to the university. In hopes of furthering the Fund’s laudable goals, Surety One, Inc. has delivered a corporate donation to the administration. In honor of his father and grandfather, both graduates of the University of Virginia the donation was matched by Constantin Poindexter, the firm’s chief executive officer.

Says Poindexter, “My grandfather was the first person from his home county in southwestern Virginia to graduate from UVA. My father is a UVA graduate as is my sister. I have been blessed with some entrepreneurial success, largely based on my practice of those qualities espouse by the Alland Team and fortunate that I am in a position to be able to contribute to the hopes and dreams of budding entrepreneurs.”

As a member of the communities that it serves, Surety One, Inc. contributes to the relief of the infirm with a particular affinity for childhood diseases, to scholarship funds focused on entrepreneurship and to the eradication of childhood hunger. Monetary and gifts in kind are delivered to legitimate medical research facilities, universities and other philanthropic foundations on a monthly disbursement basis.

Surety One, Inc. is an international surety bond intermediary domiciled in Puerto Rico, licensed in all fifty states, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and the Dominican Republic. The firm delivers insurance products across a broad geographic footprint with significant local commitments throughout the United States. For more information about Surety One, Inc. visit For more information call (800) 373-2804 or email [email protected].

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