Cake & Arrow Announces New Report Exploring Insurance & The Modern American Family

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Cake & Arrow, a customer experience design and innovation agency that works across the insurance industry, announced the publication of a new report exploring some of the most significant shifts in the modern American family and how these changes affect the experiences that the insurance industry provides to its customers.

Drawing from surveys of several hundred members of recently formed families, the report, entitled Insurance and the Modern Family: The Foundations of Modern Family Building, outlines the demographic, socioeconomic, and cultural shifts taking place within today’s modern American family and how these shifts translate into evolving needs and expectations from the Insurance industry. 

Readers of the report can expect to learn:

  • Five of the most significant shifts that have taken place within the American family over the past half century 
  • The unique challenges that today’s family faces and how they can be supported in overcoming them
  • How to reposition insurance as a tool that supports and provides better foundations for modern family life

“Over the past few decades, American family life, down to its actual definition, has undergone such a significant shift that businesses must reevaluate how they can best serve them,” explained Josh Levine, Cake & Arrow Founder and CEO. “While the industry is lagging behind in understanding these shifts and how best to meet modern customer expectations, our research indicates a strong appetite for insurance products and features that enable family development. We are confident that the research and conclusions drawn in this report will help accelerate the industry’s ability to support the needs of the modern US family.”

The complete report can be downloaded here:

About Cake & Arrow
Cake & Arrow is a customer experience design and innovation company who works with organizations in the insurance industry striving to create authentic and meaningful relationships with their customers.

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