EPBCOMMS, LLC Debuts at Crane Data European Money Fund Symposium, Dublin, Ireland

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Former Institutional Cash Distributors executives: Ed Baldry (former CEO EMEA & Co-Founder), Doug Brown (former CMO) and Nancy Duggan (former Operations Executive) announced the launch of EPBCOMMS, LLC – a global strategic communications and industry entertainment enterprise targeting the international financial community and the rapidly expanding Fintech marketplace. 

Mr. Baldry is a pioneer in the international liquidity trading sector. As ICD’s Global Head of Sales, he was integral in building an industry leading $3 Trillion liquidity trading platform. Ed was key in the launch of ICD’s London trade desk and subsequent EMEA marketplace expansion. Baldry is an industry thought leader and high-profile professional speaker recognized by the National Speakers Association®.

Mr. Brown, an entertainment industry veteran, amplified the growth of ICD through innovative engagement strategies and groundbreaking live industry events which have become “The Main Event” at both the National AFP and EuroFinance conferences. Baldry & Brown’s complimentary talents precipitated the development of inclusion and collaboration in the financial community. Their historic involvement in Fintech development provides access to an unparalleled level of experience. 

Ed Baldry, Co-Founder, CEO said, “Fintech development is empowering the institutional financial community and transforming the international landscape. Over the last 17 years at ICD, I have had the unique opportunity to participate in the growth of treasury and Fintech. The team at EPBCOMMS sees an incredible opportunity to connect industry professionals. By sharing best practices with enhanced communication strategies, we can cultivate a vibrant global community of Fintech and financial professionals.”

Doug Brown, Co-Founder, CMO said, “While technological innovations are driving and advancing the industry, the fundamentals of professionalism and the quality of personal relationships are even more important – and unchanging. Building new and better communications channels as well as producing extraordinary live events are only a part of our greater mission to enable deeper connections and to inspire people to work more closely together. I learned these invaluable lessons from the partners of ICD.”

Nancy Duggan, Co-Founder, COO said, “I have worked extensively with Mr. Baldry and Mr. Brown and together they bring unique world-class industry talents into focus. We are excited to have this opportunity to serve the international Fintech and Asset Management communities.”

EPBCOMMS is an international enterprise that is connecting the worlds of business communications and financial technology. EPBCOMMS’ professional services portfolio offers strategic communications; sales & marketing; business development; live event and media production; topical humor and industry insight. The EPBCOMMS team specializes in finely-tuned critical thinking, creative know-how and business collaboration for global entities, as well as guiding early-stage organizations with Entrepreneur-In-Residence services. For more information, visit www.epbcomms.com or email info@epbcomms.com.

Media Contact:
Nancy Duggan, COO, EPBCOMMS



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