Innovative Short Haul Tracking and Billing Software Launched

HANCOCK, Mich., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — MIWATEC, LLC is excited to announce the launch of LoadTraxxTM, a new tracking, compliance, payroll and billing software platform that will revolutionize the short haul trucking industry.

The software combines a load tracking app for truckers and an online dashboard for administrative and trucking departments to create a highly-efficient tracking and invoicing platform that solves an all-too-common problem: lost revenue due to messy and missing paperwork.

In 2017, Washington-based Tapio Construction started to drive for hire and was introduced to the logistics involved with hauling loads for customers. They quickly realized how archaic the load and time-tracking process was – while the rest of the world has adopted technology, the dump truck industry was still relying on pen and paper.

Tapio’s front office often scrambled to collect load reports and pit tickets from drivers, attempting to transcribe what drivers had scribbled while hauling. After discovering loads that were unaccounted for, they joined forces with Michigan-based software firm MIWATEC to solve this problem.

“We set out to build a product that would transform a costly method that the trucking industry has been using for years,” said Jordan Hillstrom, Co-Owner of LoadTraxx. “Short haul trucking companies are losing money every day due to messy or misplaced paperwork. We knew there was a better way, so we created one.”

The LoadTraxx app allows short haul truck drivers to log their materials, enter load weights, select loading and unloading locations, set customers, and more. Drivers simply submit their daily haul summaries – complete with truck mileage, fuel receipts and pit tickets – to the dashboard without having to drop off physical copies.

“As we built this program, we made sure it would be IFTA and DOT compliant to ensure drivers are legal and safe. Drivers need to stay compliant with FMCSA short haul exemptions and that data needs to be tracked and recorded,” said Hillstrom.

The data is synced in real-time (online and offline capable) to the administrative department’s fully-customizable online dashboard. Reports are automatically generated to be used for billing, payroll, fuel tax, and other affected departments.

Free trials of the software are available starting today on the LoadTraxx website. The company offers 24/7 tech support to its customers and is growing its support and sales team throughout the country.

Hillstrom added, “Someone asked me when our product will be done. My response? Never! The repetitive hauling industry is evolving, as will the LoadTraxx software product line. I am always encouraging companies to use our software and provide us feedback. Just don’t be surprised when you see your suggestions integrated into our software program.”

Contact: Jordan Hillstrom

Co-Owner, LoadTraxx

360-742-8317 |

SOURCE LoadTraxx

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