Introducing Pandora Me, featuring Millie Bobby Brown

“The beauty of Pandora Me is that one person sees a symbol one way, and someone else sees it another way. It’s a more playful way to express yourself and your story – jewelry doesn’t have to be serious,” says Pandora’s creative directors, Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, on the new collection.

The collection is faced by the actor and activist, Millie Bobby Brown, who has signed a two-year contract to represent Pandora Me. The casual and cool campaign images, shot by noted photographer Cass Bird, feature Brown wearing her favorite symbols and sharing the personal stories behind each piece.

Pandora Me inspires creativity and invites a new generation to discover our careful and considered craftsmanship, made from recycled sterling silver and adorned with responsibly sourced stones. Whether suggestive of someone they love, something they like doing or somewhere they love to be – or simply a symbol that resonates – each piece holds the potential to tell a story of the wearer in myriad ways.

Pandora Me is available online and in stores on October 3rd.

Campaign imagery and video can be viewed here.

Product imagery can be viewed here.

Prices from $10$90.



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