Lleida.net and The Professional Couriers Redefine the Concept of Digital Courier with a Revolutionary New Service in UAE

DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Spain-headquartered telecom operator and eIDAS Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery Services Company Lleida.net and Dubai-based Professional Couriers LLC have deployed in UAE the first “Native Digital Courier” service in the world..

Following a joint service development agreement between Professional Couriers and Lleida.net, a corporation listed in the Spanish Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and pan-European Euronext Growth since 2015 and 2018 respectively, the new Service will offer in the UAE as a world scoop the newly redefined Digital Courier Services in a fast, easy, efficient way of reliably delivering electronic documents, notifications, agreements, forms and contracts while generating “Legally Admissible Evidence” of such deliveries and proofs of delivery and acceptance.

The new service was presented today in Dubai before private and public sector prospect customers of the new Digital Courier service and will start to operate immediately. 

Digital Courier includes services offerings such as Electronic Documents Registered Delivery, Electronic Documents Registered Ship, Sign & Return, Registered SMS, Registered Email, Electronic Documents Registered Translation Services, Electronic Registered Customer Onboarding, amongst other. 

The new Native Digital Courier concept

In today’s world, all documents are generated electronically; for delivering them with proof of delivery, we are used to print on paper, sign by hand, put inside an envelope and deliver physically through registered post mail or through a courier. Proof of delivery is typically generated with no real proof of the delivered content. 

By using a “Digital Courier”, documents are “registered and delivered” in their native format (electronic), right out of the computer or the system that generated them, with no need of printing and no need of signing a paper or physical delivery. The Legally Admissible Delivery and Signature Evidence that’s generated has a much lower carbon footprint and comes at a fraction of the cost of printed registered communications in terms of money and time. The digital service also boasts of immediate delivery and instant proof of delivery via email or SMS. 

Areas of application

Digital Courier Services can be used by businesses of any size and sector and for multiple purposes, such as proposals, offers, acceptance of terms and conditions, notifications, online agreements, purchase orders… It is especially useful for debt claims following the recent UAE cabinet resolutions on debt claims and the use of electronic means for debt claims (Resolutions 57/2018 & 9/2019). 

When Legally Admissible Evidence of any delivery or transaction, including contents and timing, is available to all parties, litigation and its associated waste of time and money is greatly reduced.

Significant savings and increased efficiency

While registered paper mail or documents delivery is expensive, not only in terms of delivery fees, but also in cost of preparation, physical delivery, management of proofs of delivery, and lack any evidence of the delivered content, Lleida.net Registered Electronic Communications Services have proven to be an efficient, immediate, cost-effective way Registered Communications, with full proof of delivery, timing and contents, with Legally Admissible Evidence in compliance with UAE, European, and many other regulations.

Thanks to Lleida.net patents (more than 100 worldwide, including GCC and throughout the world), electronic registered communications by Lleida.net do not require senders or receivers to have any special software, hardware or device, and registered delivery services are paid on a “pay per use” fee, with no licensing of fixed fee costs.

“This new Digital Courier Service concept in UAE is aligned with the UAE Government efforts on digitalizing businesses and people’s lives, embracing a ‘green-friendly’ growth strategy for the country and providing the most efficient way for Registered Deliveries, Proof of Delivery and Legally Admissible Evidence,” said Sisco Sapena, CEO of Lleida.net.

“It is one more evidence of the importance of enabling an immediate, easy ‘friction-less business process digitalization’ path for any kind of business,” he added.  

For Mr. Abraham P.V., General Manager of The Professional Couriers LLC UAE: “This Partnership initiative is putting us at the high-end of the Courier Business Digitalization, offering a native Digital Content Courier services in the era of Native Digital People and Businesses. We are helping our customers to truly leverage documents and communications digitalization while providing even more Evidence and Proofs than they got originally in the physical world, at a fraction of the cost, time and effort.”

“Incube Solutions, regional partner of Lleida.net, supports Lleida’s initiatives as they are in line with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Digital Initiative in streamlining government processes across UAE, with a special focus of making Dubai the smartest city in the world and improving individuals’ quality of life by embracing technology to streamline social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences in the Emirate,” said Tariq Ahmed Saeed Al Wahedi, CEO of Incube Solutions.

Lleida.net, a Global Trusted Third Party, now present in UAE and GCC 

Founded 25 years ago, and aside from UAE, Lleida.net already operates Telco and Registered Communications business from 19 different offices in the world, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, India, Lebanon, South Africa or Colombia.

Thanks to its Telco Licenses, Lleida.net enjoys wide network connectivity with 1,500+ mobile networks in the World, recently expanded with interconnection agreements with Chinese Telco Operators.

Lleida.net has been developing and adapting its business in UAE since 2017, with its local and regional Partners. 

The Professional Couriers, a 125,000 employees company committed to digital innovation

On the other hand, The Professional Couriers (TPC) is dedicated and committed to release the ‘delivery solutions’ to all its customers with the widest network.

With over 30 years’ experience, TPC is headquartered in Mumbai, India with 12 Regional Offices, Area Offices and District Offices to monitor smooth operations and delivery of consignment to the final point.  It serves in more than 128 countries and has over 125,000 employees across the globe, from offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Professional Couriers Media contact:

Incube Solutions, UAE “state of the art technology” incubator and accelerator

INCUBE an Abu Dhabi based  company focuses its investments on next-generation Cloud and SaaS applications for customer engagement, video analytics, security, digital business enablement and more. Incube follows a unique engagement model including financial investment, experienced mentorship, sales effort and IP development. It applies its efforts to early start-ups, firms in the accelerator phase, as well as established companies that trade publicly.

SOURCE Lleida.net and The Professional Couriers

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