New Consulting Partnership Announced Focusing on Health Care Private Equity Due Diligence

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Key national experts announce a new unique consulting partnership focusing on due diligence for private equity firms combining deep local analysis with national policy review on regulation and payment.

This new partnership is between Barbara Eyman and David Kulick (and their respective firms); together these partners come together and represent decades of expertise in public and private healthcare markets combined with private equity acquisition and portfolio management.

They come together to address a market need: healthcare due diligence is often disconnected from reimbursement outlook, knowledge of evolving healthcare public policy, and the nuances of Medicare and Medicaid within local markets.  Payment and delivery systems are evolving quickly and this partnership represents national expertise and insight into emerging policy to uniquely understand where there will be future value and how to maximize on that within local markets.

  • Barbara Eyman is Principal and Founder of Eyman Associates, a boutique health care law firm she started after two decades of practice in major international law firms. She represents clients on health care law and policy matters focusing on Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the development and implementation of a wide variety of programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She serves as Washington Counsel for America’s Essential Hospitals and is an expert at understanding new payment and growth channels through policy.
  • David Kulick is Founder and Managing Director of The Focus Group – a management consulting firm focusing on high impact growth, commercialization, and policy for Fortune 500 healthcare clients. He concentrates on advanced provider models, risk payment structures, and population health.

This new expert partnership will pay special attention to public payment markets including Medicaid and Medicare with deep market insight on provider systems, independent provider groups, integrated health systems, health insurers and safety net delivery systems. The unique partnership will hone in on local market analysis combined with deep national expertise on payment and policy. The local analysis will include the narrative on provider labor supply, partnerships, growth, and local context to inform understanding for investment potential. This will be combined with the most advanced understanding on national payment policy to provide comprehensive decision making on investment opportunity.

“Tapping into our developed network of local healthcare experts, we are able to conduct in-depth market analysis that goes beyond sheer data and provides color to local markets and investment decisions,” commented Barbara Eyman.

This partnership, launched in 2019 will grow and evolve with future partners to continue to build value to the private equity ecosystem. For more information on this partnership or to discuss specific deal flow, due diligence, and strategy engagements, please contact David Kulick.

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The Focus Group

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