PepsiCo Implements PracticeLeague to Automate and Streamline Matter/Case Management

PepsiCo has always been extremely proactive and careful about managing critical processes with precision, control and visibility. But manual or traditional processes are prone to various risks and prove to be inefficient which significantly impacts the delivery of the inhouse legal team. Hence, they leverage technology and opted for the automated solution provided by PracticeLeague.

While speaking of the journey Payal Khanna, Associate Director (PepsiCo Legal) said that they explored various options before identifying and finalising PracticeLeague as the right platform, procuring it and rolling it out. She further mentioned, “I started from a point where legal using technologies was a myth by itself. I had to start with creating a compelling business case for the Management to acknowledge the need and approve a budget for a legal technology platform like that of PracticeLeague. The business buy in was also critical and today after successfully rolling out PracticeLeague’s Unified Tech platform I see some sparkling eyes of key business stakeholders.”

She went on to say, “The  business teams at PepsiCo realized that the true value of such Enterprise Legal Management technology platform has an outreach which went beyond the bare need of legal efficiency and cost effectiveness. With such technological capabilities, we as corporate legal can not only ensure near real time tracking of cases but also enable better business efficiency.”

Payal’s observations on the points of value reinstates the vision of PracticeLeague and ensures we are on the right track. We are here to make a tectonic shift in the way Legal is perceived today,” said Mr. Parimal Chanchani, CEO and Co-Founder of PracticeLeague Legal Tech Private Limited.

When asked about the need of a unified technology platform like that of PracticeLeague for cross-functional alignment and the business value that comes out of such investments, Ms. Khanna mentioned, “The value is immense. Consider the fact that there are dozens of plant accountants and their coordinators at PepsiCo who receive letters from different authorities. Now, these documents are uploaded in the PracticeLeague system immediately when they are received, which improves the near real time visibility tracking of such important statutory communications. This enables our corporate teams to deal with the issues efficiently.”

Mr. Chanchani, CEO and Co-Founder of PracticeLeague, said, “Some of the recent surveys and research by top analyst firms, advise that cross functional alignment within and outside the core legal department will play key role in organizations for unlocking more value from legal services. Such alignment can empower Legal to grow their strategic value to Business. With millions of multi-directional interactions between Legal and other stakeholders, it’s literally impossible to identify measure, highlight and improvise the strategic value that Legal produces, without a Unified Technology Platform. It’s imperative for organizations to empower Legal with growing demand and complexities every day. It will be a strong differentiator for early adopters.

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Revolutionize the Digital Connect between Business and Law

PracticeLeague offers a Unified and Integrated, Modern Technology platform that automates the complete legal operations and is adopted by several legal departments and law firms across the globe.

PracticeLeague provides an intelligent technology grid for the entire legal ecosystem, including an integrated and simplified Enterprise Legal Management platform that boosts efficiency and cost-effectiveness and a comprehensive Practice Management platform designed to drive growth and revenue.

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